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A Family Run Business

Growing up in the Ramirez household, Jillian Kashul (co-founder), always appreciated her parent's double-walled glassware: double walled meant no slippery condensation.

Jillian came up with the idea for the Chuester UpCup as she was searching online for a fashionable double-walled glass travel mug with a silicone sleeve and lid.

Concerned with chemicals in plastic mugs and unable to find anything she liked, she settled for a simple glass travel mug.

Later that night, she explained her predicament to her husband, co-founder, Tom Kashul. Tom thought it was a good idea and set out to find someone to make Jill's idea a reality.

After months of searching, designing, and negotiating, Tom got the necessary pieces together to take their idea to Kickstarter. The campaign was a great success thanks to the support of the wonderful Kickstarter community!

The UpCup is live and thriving, look out for more products from the Chuester team in the coming months!


What's with the name? Well, it just so happens that the founders' son, Clark, has a number of different nicknames including: Clarkie-Boy, Clark the Shark, Little Man, and Chubster. Clark's great grandmother, Helen Bilanicz, being of Ukrainian decent, gave Clark her own nickname: Clarkichu. Over time, that nickname turned into Chu, and then as nicknames always seem to do, it eventually morphed again, into a blend between Chubster and Chu:


The British Guy

Why the British voice over in the whiteboard video if the founders are two mid-westerners born and raised in Chicago? Good question- Tom figured it sounded sophisticated.