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Founder Info

Tom and Jillian Kashul are two entrepreneurs from Chicago with their minds set on mixing up the travel mug industry. Tom is an Air Force Academy graduate and Air Force Veteran with a background in industrial automation. Jill is a special education teacher with a eye for style and the mind behind the UpCup's beautiful design.

The Back-Story

Sick of her plastic and stainless steel travel mugs, Jill scoured the internet for a fashionable, chemical free travel mug. Long story short, she wound up disappointed with the options on the market.

Tom being lousy emphasizer but a decent problem solver set out to find a solution. After months of design, negotiation, and quality testing, the Chuester brand became a reality through Kickstarter with their flagship product: the UpCup: A light-weight, double-walled, glass tumbler featuring medical grade silicone for the sleeve and lid.