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Tall Boy Infuser Bottle

Tall Boy Infuser Bottle

$ 24.95

The Tall Boy Tea Infuser is the newest addition to the Chuester Family. Use it for fruit infused water, loose tea, or tea bags.

 Unlike most of the plastic infusers you'll find in stores, the Tall Boy's body and basket are made from borosilicate glass (the stuff they use in laboratories) and stainless steel.

Glass means pure taste, no foggy plastic.

Do you ever wonder why you can’t get the stench out of an old plastic cup? Food particles get stuck between the polymer chains of the plastic. That stinky smell is food particles from prior use turned bad. Glass is chemically inert with stronger bonds between molecules than plastic meaning there’s no space for the smelly food particles.

 The neoprene sleeve is included: protect your bottle, keep it warm and cozy.